Wednesday, August 8, 2012


My mother has pictures of me as a young child tending to the houseplants and watering some garden plants. But I wasn't always a garden nerd. Somewhere between those small years and my young adult years I was caught up in other things. Eventually I found my path again.

I work for a small tree care company in Denver. I graduated from Colorado State University and have held various positions over years in a variety of capacities. At American Arbor Care I am currently an arborist in client sales. I really hate calling it sales. Because I do so much more than just sales. And it isn't just about pruning. I work with clients on all types of projects and give them as much information and knowledge as I can. If I don't know the answer I find it. I try very hard, but sometimes I get it wrong. We are a for profit company and so we do have a bottom line to consider and employees that need hours. However, we ultimately strive for what is fair and honest, doing right by the owner and the tree. When people hire us and they receive me as an arborist it is more than just my job. I have truly found a job that I enjoy going to every day. And I have had to do some pretty crappy jobs. From loading up a bag of lion manure that spilled on me, to dragging thousands of feet of hose a day, to very physical labor with some pretty damn horrible people. So glad those jobs are past me, and thankful because they made me the arborist I am today. All those roads have led here so far. And to those that didn't appreciate me for what I could do and saw me as a woman, well sticking my nose up at you and then some!

Trees provide us with so much more than just oxygen. They enhance our lives in all facets, on all levels. So I encourage everyone to find a local arborist that they can form a long standing and trusting relationship with to help them protect their investment. Trees should be looked at as an investment. Oh, and make sure they are ISA certified, licensed, and insured.

Trees come in all different shapes and sizes with various degrees of challenges and care. The most important thing to remember is RIGHT PLANT, RIGHT PLACE. I cannot express this enough.

I have saved a few trees from the chainsaw. And I received a fabulous call from a client last week. She called earlier this spring about her native plums getting a disease called plum pockets. I told her I could fix them. The company she hired last year failed miserably. Obviously didn't know their products. I told her trust me, I will get it right. This lady did not have the easiest heart to melt. I had drool charm all over her. These applications are tricky because of the timing and the requirement of multiple applications. Well, she called me last week and told me it worked and I would be receiving some jam later this summer. They are almost ready to harvest. I have to say my heart swelled and I melted her and gained a wonderful new client. I shared the news with the applicator this morning. I will share jam with him.

I just love gardening and trees. My office manager I think, thinks me a little crazy. I am such a sucker for a fabulous specimen of any kind. I recently discovered on of our clients has two hazelnut trees on her property. Hazelnut trees in Denver???? How 'bout that! And Colorado just recently lost its state champion cottonwood tree. 150 year old tree, likely died because it didn't receive enough water. Made me shed a tear.

Enjoy your trees folks!

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ann said...

Great post, Heather. I liked your description of the jobs that you have had over the years. Had forgotten the lion stuff. Funny now.