Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Minds Eye

As this property and my gardens evolve and grow in the front yard I found that I needed a place to sit and enjoy them. I space that was calming but functional.

All of my areas have been created in the existing beds. So I have been fortunate, creative, and practical in my design. So far. I built the brick wall the first summer we moved here using left over brick from the building of the house - that happened in the 1980's.

Over the years the small space has been used a a vegetable garden. It just isn't quite big a big enough space to be utilized in such a manner.

I decided a couple of years ago one of these summers I was going to turn this into a patio and sitting area.

This was the year. We had about 100 leftover pavers from a project at work. Most were of a consistent size, but there was quite a hodge-podge of others. My boss said he was just going to trash them. And I instantly said, I will take them. I knew what I was going to do.

I began prep,work as the area was not level. I graded it down towards the grass on purpose for drainage. Well, it is was shear misery. The area hadnt been tilled or turned in over a year and turned into sort of a slight trash area. So I struggled with the grading. Eventually I though I got it close... Close enough. I have had it, I am done. Not quite perfect but I couldn't take the grading and moving soil anymore and I was anxious to have it complete.

I spread my sand. Made a trip to home depot for more. I had all of the boys at home help me move the stones to my work area and hand them to me as I worked. Jacob helped keep Nathan entertained while I worked. Some of the last stones ended up in odd placement, but I was running low with little choices. DONE!!

I started spreading my sand between my stones and running a broom over it and rinsing it with water for settling. DAMN!! Back to home depot. Need more sand.


Filling in with sand. With a little help.

Aaaaahhhhh, FINISHED!!! Rinsed and settling. It is still settling so I will have to purchase some more sand in a month or so to finish it off.

Now the hunt is on for the perfect outdoor bistro table and two chairs. Then I shall blog from my new spot.

Notice the shape? I purposely left a hole in the center as the iris and pupil of my eye. Complete with an irrigation mist emitter. I noticed before I started the project it was shaped like an eye. So, the eye of my garden. In my mind's eye.

I will add plants with lots of color.
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