Saturday, August 11, 2012

Constant Gardener

I am currently sitting at the bank waiting to sign some paperwork. So, why not update my blog while I wait for someone that is running almost an hour behind our appointment.

Rob Proctor who provides the gardening know-how for 9News viewers here in Denver recently had commentary about garden work. He specifically was speaking in regard to it bring late summer and being able to sit back and relax. He continued to say there is not much to do in the garden right now. So he is just sitting around watching. Fine for him. I have found I do not learn much from him.

I am more energized than ever in my garden this season. I spend at least three to four nights a week working.

Last night I added some more fine line buckthorns to the perennial bed to create more of a background screen for my patio.

The new ones are not near as lush and full as my original. The one in the middle. But they will fill in once I get them established and start fertilizing them.

I cleaned out the pond filters, fiddled with some irrigation, and did some weeding. More work later today.

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ann said...

What energy you have. I wish you would come work in my garden.