Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring 2011 Waterfall Rock Garden Additions

While attending the plant sale at the Denver Botanic Gardens I am always sure to visit the booth setup by my favorite rock garden nursery-Laporte Avenue. Love them! So I have new additions for the rock garden waterfall area. I needed to add some plants into this garden and so these little guys will really help out. I will get them planted this weekend. Some similar items to what I already have and some new items. Unfortunately some years the plant sale is better than others and those with a discerning eye can recognize the difference. This year was not as good of a year for the variety. Here are some samples of what I purchased. I have several others that I did not upload photos for. The last one is a rock garden variety ornamental garlic. The forth photo is a hardy, sun tolerant moss. It is very cool!

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