Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day. On our way to have lunch at my in-law's we drove past Fort Logan cemetery. Each white grave stone had an American flag standing watch for the service member laid to rest there. I am very patriotic and the line of cars coming and going from struck a cord deep within me.

We took the boys for a drive in the mountains on Saturday. And had a beautiful picnic lunch by a creek. It was a bit cool out, but lovely.

Ah, Sunday-this was the day we took on a major project. Putting together a fort/swing set for our two boys. The amount of parts and pages of directions was a daunting task. Needless to say, we have only to get the support beam up for the swings and we will be done with it. Pretty amazing to look at and know that we built that. And, that it will not be going with us if we ever move. Hahahaha.

I wanted to take a moment to explain the name of my blog. Some years back I started a website called Fields of Heather. My name is Heather and my dream is to one day travel to Scotland and see the fields of Heather there, my namesake. Since that domain name was already taken on blogger, I chose Heather's pastures. Where I grew up there were fields and pastures all around us. Today, many of these pastures are being turned into tracts for homes. Rather sad. So each of my little gardens is a pasture. My front yard is broken up into several little "pastures". I chose to design it in little bits each year. The only way I can afford the projects and physically get them completed. Because of this they all turn out a bit different. The landscape doesn't necessarily flow the way a landscape designed all at once would, but I love it and the variety it gives me. I have an area dedicated to iris and peonies, a small formal rose garden with six hybrid tea roses, I have my perennial garden, and my two rock gardens. I have two sections in the front left to complete at this point. I have chosen as this summer's project to continue to wrap around the front of our house with a cottage garden centered around three dwarf conifers and two large moss rock boulders. There is a lot of work to complete in this area in order to start this project. I have to move a couple of tons of crushed granite rock, move old weed barrier, and amend the soil. So far I have a weeping white spruce at the corner of the where the garden will begin.

The final project is on the opposite side of the driveway. An area I hope to build raised beds in to create a small community vegetable garden. Once this project is complete I will use flagstone pavers to create a small sitting area to reflect and enjoy all I have built.

So far this year my garden is looking just beautiful. I still have some plants to add to the waterfall rock garden to complete it and then I will pea gravel it and add some mexican beach pebbles to edge it. And I still need to add some perennials to the shade garden.

Next time we are going to talk Roses and Kentucky Blue Grass lawns.

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