Thursday, April 28, 2011

The main picture on the homepage of this blog is the main perennial garden started shortly after we moved in. I built a curved, brick wall following the existing edging line after removing all of shrubs (had a company do this) and removing all of the crushed granite rock in the area (ugghhh..hard work). There are three aspens trees in the area and they were small when we moved in. The garden started out as a perennial xeriscape garden and this photo was taken about three years after the initial installation. Last fall took some of the plants out as the garden is changing to a shade garden as the Aspen trees grow larger. And, naturally some of the plants died. Last fall I planted a Fine Line Buckthorn and two hydrangeas in the area. I now have a list created of some of the other plants I would like to add to the garden to give it some increased blooming season.

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