Sunday, September 18, 2011


The title is in honor of my youngest son. He sees the tank and thinks there is a snake living inside of it. So he always walks up to it and says SSSSssss.

This past Christmas my Husband truly surprised me. He purchased a new terrarium for me. I started years ago in high school with an anole. Very easy to care for. I graduated to a pair of Gold Dust Day Geckos. They went to college with me. I had them for about 10 years.

I sold my set up a couple of years ago. I knew that when I was ready to jump back into this hobby that I would want one of these new setups. I kept most of my old items, but they have become outdated.

Sadly, it has taken me almost this entire year to get this one setup with the animals. I finally found someone that breeds them here in Denver. I was very lucky to have found this young man on FB. Otherwise I would have had to pay huge shipping fees.

I picked up my new set of Geckos last week. They are still very small and young. Only about half their adult size at 3". But I am so partial to the Gold Dust Day Geckos and they are only moderately priced compared to some of the others available. They also require moderate care. I ordered a small waterfall that I installed yesterday. I feed them flightless fruit flies, small crickets and a mixture of crushed papaya and peach babyfood. So Far so good. Love them.

Today I added a sprig of Pothos, an orchid I had purchased at Lowe's and a couple of stalks of bamboo that I had in the Kitchen. These were plants already on hand and easy to add. The other plants are fake. Perhaps someday I will phase out the fake and add more live growth, but for now the fake is also very easy to care or to not care for...

I will get some photos of the actual little guys soon. I have them on my cell phone, just haven't transferred to my computer yet. These little guys are such gems. They are too young to sex still. Hopefully someday I will have a pair that will lay eggs. But I am happy just to have them again in this wonderful tank. I am still working on getting some more automation to the misting that needs to happen throughout the day, the lighting, and heating systems. So things are not on all of the time.

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ann said...

Vey lucky little critters, Heather. You will give them a very good home. Hope to see them soon.